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A bit of writing work

For years I worked as a writer, freelance, taking on all sorts of business challenges, whether it was marketing work, online copy or business case drafting, and now and then someone will ask me to do something for them still. I’m delighted as i enjoy locking myself away with an issue to ponder, usually then sharing a few thoughts with my client before firing up the keyboard.

This week the tables turned a little when the guy who was briefing me on a grant submission that he needed writing started talking around his subject. It soon became evident that his business was in good shape in that he had plenty of work going through the books, but his problem was that people weren’t paying his invoices quickly enough. He didn’t have the time to chase them and he could see a cash flow problem hitting him within a few weeks that would threaten to cause him a number of problems, not least of which was with the bank.

This was great for me as I also do some bits and pieces for an invoice finance business and so I was able to introduce two clients – one to the other. Invoice finance brokers are in business to help with just such problems and they’ll effectively buy your invoices off the business giving you an immediate injection of cash to the business. It’s straight forward stuff really, but if you don’t know about it then you’re unlikely to find out unless you happen to have a chat like the one we were having.

And of course the other great thing there is that I’m more likely to get paid on time too!

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