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A noisy start to a lifelong friendship

Owning a motor car is a necessary evil. Where I live the public transport is not amongst the best in the world and without a car I would, to a large extent, be stranded. That is why I am the proud owner of a 1986 Volkswagen Beetle.

I will never forget the day I bought that car; it was brand new at the time. I chose it after a friend of mine highly recommended his own Beetle and within 15 minutes I was back at the showroom, asking for the transaction to be cancelled.

The reason for this unexpected turn of events was the fact that the Beetle proved to be extremely noisy. I simply couldn’t believe that an engine emitting such an incredible amount of noise could be working properly. The salesman assured me that it was perfectly normal and even volunteered to take me for a test drive in one of the other Beetles on the forecourt, just to quell my misgivings.

After that incident it took quite some time for me and the car to bond. However, years of reliable service has convinced me that a car can, in fact, make more noise than a bag of nails in a washing machine and still be in an excellent state of repair.

Together we have travelled to the four corners of Britain, me and that car and never has anything gone wrong that couldn’t be fixed in an hour or two. I must admit it’s not a miser, by far, when it comes to fuel consumption; I only get about 23 miles per gallon, which is much less than most of today’s small cars. On the other hand, if the GPS system on one of those cars stops working it will probably cost more to repair than the retail value of my VW Beetle.

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