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About Beebeard

Hello there, my name is Dennis and I am 67 years old and recently retired.

As I now have plenty of time on my hands, my son has encouraged me to use it wisely and has kindly set up this online blog for me. My friends call be “beebeard” – its a long story but I did used to have a thick beard when I was in my 40’s (it was all the fashion!) and I ended up getting it covered in honey one day – all very messy I must say. Currently I’m clean shaven though so I won’t have the same mishap. The stubble is always tempting though…

I live in a quiet village in Yorkshire where a have a small cottage with a large garden, because I am no longer working, I have now found that the majority of my time is spent doing DIY and house maintenance, I also really enjoy gardening and often work in the garden for a couple of hours per day.

I aim to write two or three blog posts per week, most of which will be about my day-to-day DIY and gardening. However, I also do like to travel and so you can expect some travel posts as well.