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And another thing! VAT


Yesterday I quite enjoyed my little rant about the bastards at HSBC charging even the smallest businesses for holding their accounts. I did actually spend the rest of the day plotting how I could raise people’s attention to the amount of money they have in their accounts, and the fact that they could be earning if not lots of interest, then at least some by simply moving it around.

Then I was caught out by someone I bought off who advertised their price, but didn’t state that the VAT had not been added in.

That really gets my goat!

It’s not a real price if the VAT is added after because everyone has to pay it, but only bigger businesses can reclaim it. So if you’re an individual, or a small business then the price you pay is not being fairly displayed.

Blimey what is happening to me? I’m supposed to be the benign geezer gently supping his pint in the corner, offering wisdom when asked, but otherwise keeping his own council. It’s not like me to get all het up about stuff. But I bloody well am at the moment.

Let’s see what else I can find to rant about over the bank holiday! Given that we’re driving out to North Wales later today I’m sure traffic and other people’s driving will feature in the equation.

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