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Church in the hills

When I was leading up to retirement I had these big ideas that I was going to be out doing stuff every single day.

Before I finished work they held these session to help us get prepared for the shock of not working. And we all laughed, five other blokes and me who all started there at about the same time. We couldn’t wait to be out, and we thought that life on the outside of work would be a doodle.

But we were wrong.

It’s weird.

You really do have to plan what you’re going to do each day, or otherwise you just do nothing, and that leaves you feeling depressed as you know your years are closing in on you, but you’re not making the most of them.

Anyway today I borrowed a dog – there are always dogs around here waiting for the joy of a long walk – and headed off to the bottom of the Peaks for a walk in an area I used to go to a lot as a boy. I parked at the head of the Goyt, and soon came across this lovely little shrine or chapel type thing.

And now I feel like the day was worthwhile, I’m tired, but that’s to be expected. And I gave Jess back to her mum having had the best walk she has had in years I suspect.

Jess’s mum is rather nice – don’t be surprised if I make something of a habit of my long walks!

Goyt Chapel small

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