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Flat WhiteLook at this.

Gorgeous isn’t it?

This isn’t my photo, but the coffee I had this morning in Manchester looked just like this.

And it was strong, seriously wizzy strong!

I’d gone to a place called Northern Tea Power┬áin the Northern Quarter.

I go there often if I’m in Manchester. I’m probably twice as old as the next oldest person there, but I guess because I dress OK, not like some of my old duffer mates, they don’t seem to mind.

This baby is called a flat white, which to my mind was just a normal coffee with milk, but no, this is made is a very deliberate way, folding the frothed milk into the coffee in a way that makes it super smooth.

I just wish that this place would do a breakfast that’s more than just toast. I like TeaCup around the corner for that. Scrambled eggs – my favourite, especially as I don’t eat bacon any more.

I brought one of the lads down to Manchester today for a job interview. And so I have the next few hours to drift around, and try not to spend too much money!

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