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Easy Airport Transfers

After spending years begging friends and family to take me to the airport for business flights and pleasure I have now discovered how I should have been doing it – Airport take all the pain away, and it’s not just in this country, pretty much wherever you want to go you’ll be able to use them.

I put our lad in touch with them last week and he’s dead chuffed, and it saves the embarrassment of having to give the family or friends money which you know they need, but which also they try not to take. And it doesn’t matter if the plane is late, they’ll wait.

So what of the weather then? The airport transfers thing came up in conversation in the pub when everyone was talking about their trips to the sun, but those who have been away these last two weeks haven’t had any better than here I can’t imagine.

Just think what it would have been like to be in Cornwall last week on the beach – perfect, and I bet it was empty too, it is most of the time other than in July and August. Just a load of Germans doing their recce for their next invasion while posing as tourists. I hope they take that in the humour it was intended to convey!

Talking of the pub. It’s a comedy night at The Beech tonight and so I’d best pull my finger out and get down there.


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