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Frack off.

I’ve been interested in the whole fracking debate unfolding in the south of the country and the mounting pressure the drilling company is coming under.

I don’t like the idea of fracking, but then again I don’t really understand it. I remember seeing pictures of Canadian tar sands burning years ago, but I don’t think that our potential reserves are likely to deliver anything as exciting.

To my mind if there are reserves of a resource that we need for the continuation of life as we know it, and one that we are currently being held to ransom over by the scary Russians, then we should do what we can to get the damn stuff out. It would be nice to limit the environmental damage, but that’s not very realistic a hope I doubt.

This morning there was some professor on the radio from Keele University saying that fracking has been going on in over 200 sites in this country already, and I guess until it goes wrong then no one is likely to get that concerned.

But also this morning they were saying that operations were being scaled back down south as there was a perceived real threat of direct action from the protesters.

I reckon that it’ll all eventually quieten down and the work will just go ahead as they wanted it to. But I’m sure that there were supposed to be much bigger reserves in the Lake District than down south anyway.

We’re all just far too dependent on our fossil fuels and powered stuff. I heard of friends renting a completely off grid place in the north of Scotland for a fortnight holiday and saying that it was the closest they have felt as a family ever.


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