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Genius delivery service

The modern world seems to shut down opportunities for employment at a hell of a rate as more things go digital, or automated, and manual intervention is needed less and less.

But then interesting things happen too.

Apparently the Post Office is making more money than it ever has, not because stamps have become so bloody expensive, although they have. No, letter deliveries are at their lowest in modern times, but because of online ordering which has pretty much wiped out the high street for all but the richest towns. And likewise other delivery services have popped into existence to service businesses such as eBay where you might win a bidding war for a new pair of hi fi speakers, and then wonder how on earth you’ll get them from deepest Dartford to delightful Darlington.

I’ve just come across a eBay delivery company and they’re going to do pretty much just that for me. It’s dead easy and a heck of a lot cheaper than the other option I had in mind, which was to drive down to Dartford to collect them. They are 80’s B&O beauties.

The only thing is I would have liked to have tried them and given them a good prod before I handed over my cash, but the guy I’m buying from sounds like he knows what he is talking about.

I like them for their looks as much as anything else anyway, so I’m just hoping they’ll sound as good as I remember them doing when I used to pester shops for demos years ago.


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