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Getting away.

KefaloniaThe lovely thing about being retired is that you have so much time.

The down side is that you’re no longer earning as much money as you did, and even though we don’t have to scrimp and save, we do worry about spending money, and we don’t go on holidays as often as we’d like to.

However Mrs BB recently found this site which is brilliant for booking family holidays which is ideal for us as we often take the grandchildren, or nephews with us if we do go away. We know each other a bit too well to just spend time away together.

We often discuss whether we spoil the children. I don’t think we do, largely as I’m not very patient, and I don’t like them running around shouting, so they get told off as often with us as with their own parents. I was thinking of that after we got the dog back recently after she’d spent time with friends who must have let her run riot as it took ages to get her back to the behaviour I expect. I wouldn’t want parents thinking the same after we’ve had their kids.

Anyway we’re looking at Kefalonia for the next trip. But that might be just the two of us so that we can get a much cheaper holiday.


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