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How to build a rabbit hutch

I don’t claim to be an expert, but I’ve built a couple of rabbit hutches in my time. I think they’re fairly simple to construct. If you’re like me and you love DIY, the idea of buying one is simply unthinkable. Hopefully this post will give you a few ideas to help you build your own rabbit hutch.

I think a good hutch should have an enclosed section where the rabbits can get some privacy and darkness, as well as a more open part where they can enjoy the sun. Ideally, the front should open out to allow the rabbits free access to a garden enclosure during the day. It can then be closed up when they are safely inside at night.

What You’ll Need

  • Some wood
  • Some gauze
  • Some tools
  • Some willpower

Making It

To start with, you want to cut the wood into six large pieces that can be fitted together to make a large rectangular box. This will form the basic structure of your rabbit hutch.

Basically, all you need to do is hammer the structure together and add a piece of wood inside to separate the covered section of the hutch from the open part.

Have a look on the internet to see some examples that others have built. Once you’ve got your panels of wood cut to size, you can saw out the insides of them to make frames. Nails can then be used to attach gauze to the frames.

To make the opening front, screw on some hinges to the bottom of the front panel. This will allow it to open outwards and release the animals. You may also want an opening on the top, to allow for easier feeding.

Once you’ve hammered the various parts of the hutch together, you can add some hay to the bottom and you’re almost ready to go.

Feel free to be creative. You can, for example, add small legs to the bottom of the hutch, if you’d rather it was elevated off the ground.

If you’re going to attempt to build your own rabbit hutch, I’d love to see some pictures of the finished product. I’d also be happy to offer advice if you’re struggling. Building your own hutch can save you money and be great fun, so get started today!

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