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Men and Sheds

Is it just men who love sheds?

Actually I know that the answer to that has to be no.

I was watching George Clark’s Amazing Spaces which I loved, despite thinking that Clark and his forced Geordie accent got on my tits. His crazy static caravan refurb was pretty spectacular and inspirational, but also there were a few women featured. One girl built a beach hut in her garden and decked it out just like it was by the sea, except that she lives in the Midlands, about as far from the sea in this country as you can get.

I have had a few fine sheds in my time, I’ve slept in many of them even, and when we got our last dog I shared a shed with her for her first two weeks at home to toilet train her. It didn’t take long as each time she stirred in the night I was there, immediately awake and whipping her outside until she had her pee.

Now I’m thinking of going seriously up market. I have been looking at a company called OECO Garden Offices based in Ripon, North Yorkshire. Their sheds are of pretty near the same construction quality as my house, and I’m sure they’ll be better insulated. If we go ahead then I’ll be putting a bed deck into the shed, ostensibly for guests, but in actual fact I’ll be angling to sleep out there myself, even if only when Mrs BeeBeard is away on the cruise each year.

Actually I so love having a plan that it’s worth looking at even if I don’t go ahead.


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