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Musings of an amateur gardener

Gardening is more than just a hobby for me; it’s also my time to philosophise. My favourite pastime is watering the garden, which is why I don’t have automatic sprinklers installed. I love to just stand there with the garden hose and give every single plant the attention and time it deserves. Sometimes it’s as if I can feel their appreciation and no, I am not going cuckoo.

My favourites are the potato plants. They ask for very little in terms of maintenance and care and in return they give me one of my most beloved vegetables. Unfortunately, I’ve had a problem with moles this year. To be more precise, moles and I seem to share a common passion for potatoes.

I hate killing them, so I’ve tried all sorts of techniques to try and scare them away, but they have proven to be extremely persistent. In fact they were so persistent that, by the time I harvested the crop, there was very little left for me. So if anyone out there knows how to get rid of moles without killing them or causing them permanent psychological damage, I would love to hear about it.

I also have a couple of fruit trees in the garden; the two peach trees are my favourites. When springtime arrives they are covered with the most beautiful pink flowers you have ever seen and they remind me of my dad, who also had peach trees in his garden. He spent many hours watering those trees and no doubt enjoyed it as much as I am enjoying it today.

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