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My DIY obsession

Now that I’m retired, I’ve got the chance to watch a lot more daytime TV than I used to be able to. The majority of it is awful, to tell the truth. Despite that, I’ve become addicted to the property shows that are repeated ad infinitum.

It would be OK if I could just sit back and watch these shows. The trouble is they ignite my DIY obsession. Home makeover programmes always have me casting my eye around my own cottage, looking for any improvements I can make. I’ve loved DIY for as long as I can remember and these shows whet my appetite to construct new things and invent unnecessary tasks for myself.

It’s becoming a bit of a problem. Last week, for instance, I watched a different property show each day and ended up with three new shelves, a wonky wooden table, a sledge for the winter and two new bird boxes for the garden. I think I’m going to have to cut down! My cottage is gradually filling up with the various wooden structures I seem to spend all my time building. Buying the materials isn’t cheap, but I love doing it and can lose myself for hours in a project. The wife isn’t overly impressed, however!

If I could use the inspiration these shows give me to do some useful DIY around the house, that would at least be something. There’s a door that constantly sticks on the floor; all it needs is a quick sanding but I never do it because it’s not as interesting as building something new. I’d much rather spend a few days making a rabbit hutch that I don’t need, instead of doing something practical like that.

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