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Not too old to get a hangover!

I’m always hoping that I have become older with the compensation of also becoming wiser.

But I’m not sure!

Hiros came up for the night last night. He’s going to meet clients in Darlo today and so it was a good excuse to get together again.

Having had such excellent food down in Manchester I decided that the only think I could do was to cook a curry from scratch, and I ended up doing three. I made a keema peas, minced lamb with muttar – or peas, I did sag paneer, which is cheese and spinach, and then the main dish was a slow cooked lamb rogan. All in all it was quite excellent even though I say it myself.

The trouble was I had told Hiros that I was going to made curry, so he brought beers, lots and lots of beers. All different, all strong and all completely delicious.

We probably only had five pints in all, but some of them were eight and nine percenters, and even though we drank water too I woke up feeling rotten this morning. It’s the first proper hangover I have had in ages and I know I should know better. The funny thing is that I’m actually quite enjoying doing nothing as it takes its toll. A cup of tea out in the garden, back in for a lie on the sofa. It takes some beating!

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