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Of leaking roofs and rusty ladders

The cottage where I live at the moment is fairly old and from time to time it needs a bit of tender love and care. As I already mentioned in an earlier blog, I am still busy learning the art of DIY, so my efforts are not always completely successful.

The other day, after a particularly violent rainstorm, I noticed a puddle in the middle of the bathroom floor. Initially I thought the culprit was the neighbour’s cat again, but closer inspection revealed it was rainwater. What’s more, when I looked up I saw the ominous yellow ring on the surface of the bathroom ceiling.

Initially, I decided to just paint the ceiling again, hoping the problem would go away, but with the next day came, another rainstorm and another puddle. So, once the sun was shining again I knew I had to do something about the problem to prevent it from becoming more serious.

I’ve never really had a head for heights and this involved climbing up a ladder and inspecting the roof. The whole issue was complicated considerably by the fact that my only ladder had two missing rungs. This meant that getting on the roof was quite an effort and once there the thought of descending again by way of that ladder made me seriously consider whether becoming a roof dweller wasn’t a very real alternative.

The problem with a leaking roof is that the source of the ingress is not always directly above the spot where you found the puddle. Water has that strange ability to run, so it’s quite possible the leak might be some distance away. Luckily, in this case, it proved to be nothing more than a loose tile, which could easily be fixed.

The descent also proved to be less of a problem than I initially anticipated. It did involve the neighbour having to rescue me, dangling from the top rung of the ladder, because my feet just couldn’t locate the next one. Having got my feet safely back on solid ground and downing a few beers the whole thing actually seemed quite funny.

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