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Olives. In the north!

I love my garden, although I don’t spend anywhere near as much time out there as I thought I would when I left work.

The last few weeks have been really great weather though and I have spent a bit of time tidying up, just doing jobs I should have done a while back, like tying the daffodil stalks back, even cleaning up some of the leaves.

I’ve done a bit of gentle pruning of my prized olive tree too.

I love the thing, if only because it is so incongruous to be growing it so far north – and it gives fruit! It’s in a perfect position, close to a big wall that shelters it well, and south facing so that it gets all the light there is to be had, and warmth from both the wall and the house. I was in trouble when I bought it as I spent over a hundred quid on the thing, but it was probably twenty years old already – I reckon that’s good value when you consider the investment in time that someone made.

It does bear fruit as well, not that they are of any use, they have to go through all sorts of processes to get to the funny things we eat.

images-3 Given that mine is still not much more than a sapling I reckon this lovely one must be several hundred years old РI wonder how long they last?

What I really need now is some good garden seating. I happily sit on the wall, but you won’t catch Mrs Beard doing that!


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