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Robin Hoods Bay

Getting away for the weekend is a lovely thing to do and we still see it as a treat, even though as a pretty much retired couple we could take off whenever we feel like it.

This past weekend we headed off to Robin Hood’s Bay on the east coast and rented a cottage for six of us, that’s the in-laws too.

Funny old place Robin Hoods Bay. the cottages are lovely and being at the seaside is always brilliant, but it’s just a shame that it’s the east coast where the sea so often just looks a bit grim. Still, that didn’t deter us from having a top old time.

The trip was for a wonderful old lady’s 90th birthday and family had come from all over the place, including her son from Canada. Poor fellow confided in us that even though he has lived in Canada longer than he did in England, his mother still hasn’t forgiven him for going.

The high point for me was a hard but brilliant walk along the less obvious beach to the north of the town. It involved clambering over all sorts of rocks and boulders, many of which were fascinating as they held fossils of all sorts of ancient creatures. The first fossil you see is an amazing experience, but then before long you will have seen so many that one has to be truly special for you to stop and share it with the gang.

Our cottage needed some work, but it was very comfortable and spacious, and best of all you could pretty much roll out of the door and down the hill a hundred yards to the beach.

Blinking tired today though. I reckon I’ll be off to bed soon.

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