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Smokin’ Baby!

I used to actually enjoy smoking, but that’s probably because I only ever when through periods of smoking full time, generally I’d have a little mellowing tobacco with friends, generally buying some flavoured Virginia rolling tobacco if we were off out, then leaving it in the pub deliberately, or giving it to a mate.

I graduated onto smoking silly fags just because I thought they were cool, Marly Reds were only a fall back if I couldn’t find filterless Camels, or some French blend.

Even writing this now I have a great taste memory, which I know is a deception brought on by my silly belief of how great life was when we were young and nobody cared, and no one could possibly get older.

I haven’t yet tried any of the electronic cigarettes, although I am certainly tempted. I have a few friends who go out for a puff on one, even though I think you can smoke them inside, yet the taboo against smoking probably makes people think that they need to go outside anyway.

I remember one particular work trip when a mate and I had to drive over to Belfast for a two day event and we just smoked ourselves silly all the way – I can’t imagine we smelled too good by the time we got there, but that was to only get worse as we then proceeded to try to drink the country dry of Guinness!

So I wonder what happens? I guess you just get that slight relaxing sensation from the nicotine. I’m going to have to try soon. I’ll let you know!


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