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The day I revamped my bathroom

From what you’ve read so far on this blog you might think that being a DIY expert comes naturally to me. I have to correct you in this matter; I am by no means a DIY natural. In fact, I didn’t become known as the Beebeard without reason; I acquired the name after a rather unfortunate episode during which my DIY skills proved seriously lacking when I tried my hand at beekeeping. Fortunately, we have a local library not far from here and of course the internet is a great source of information for would-be DIY experts. I started reading on how to handle the various tools, when to use them and how to carry out routine DIY jobs in and around the house. By now I am fairly comfortable with doing the odd job, such as replacing a broken door handle or tightening a loose screw, but I would certainly not rate my skills as being top notch. So, when the day arrived that it was time to overhaul my bathroom I must admit I was quite apprehensive. I started by replacing the bathroom cabinet. Fortunately the guys over at UK bathrooms had plenty of advice to offer in this regard and they helped me select the right type of cabinet for my particular bathroom. Taking out the old cabinet proved to be more problematic than I thought. I don’t want to go into unnecessary detail here except to mention that, at one stage, the widow next door came over and asked me whether I was demolishing the house. Anyway, eventually everything worked out. The bathroom now boasts a brand new cabinet and I also managed to replace the old floor with new tiles. It look longer than I expected and I sustained some minor injuries during the process, but you know what they say, “all’s well that ends well”. At this stage I have decided against replacing the bath and renovating the shower. This is purely for practical reasons and has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that four of my fingers are still covered in plasters.

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