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The gentle art of mowing your lawn

I swear that one day I am going to buy myself one of those great little sit-on lawnmowers that make cutting the grass so easy and comfortable. I normally like gardening, but mowing the lawn has never been one of my favourite jobs. I usually put it off to the point where I can hardly see the postman when he drops off my mail. That’s when I know it has to be done.

That reminds me of my very first lawnmower many years ago. We had just bought a very small house with a surprisingly large lawn, in a fairly old suburb. The problem was that the lawn was in a terrible state. It wasn’t a lawn at all really; I later found out, from the neighbour, that initially the place had no lawn at all, but over time his lawn crept underneath the fence between our properties and took over my backyard.

Money was in short supply at the time and I could not afford an electric mower, so my neighbour gave me his rusty old manual machine. It was one of those models that, when you push it, had a rotating set of blades in front. At the best of times this meant a lot of sweat and not much progress. In my case, with a back garden that was extremely uneven, it meant the little lawnmower would, from time to time, get completely stuck and I had to manually remove it from whatever obstacle hindered its forward progress.

The only way this could possibly be done was to abandon the job from time to time and go into to the house for a quick beer. This way of mowing the lawn has since developed into a family tradition and I still use it regularly when mowing my current lawn.

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