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To all my mates on the Costas…

I do love my holidays, but I won’t go abroad for the sake of it. I feel that there is so much of my own country (and Scotland and Wales for avoidance of doubt and confusion) that I haven’t seen yet, so it’s not an automatic thing that holidays mean travel abroad for me.

All the boys from the pub have decided to go on a trip together to Costa Adeje on Tenerife for a sun sea and letching holiday. you know the thing, it would have been sun sea and sex 30 years ago, but now they’ll be exhausted just thinking about it. They have a top old time and it’s one of the newest resorts on the island. They didn’t even pay much. They have all cooked up a plan to offer their partners the opportunity of a girls holiday to Tenerife and their reward is to do their own trip a bit later in the year. It’s a cunning ploy as that then gets them two weeks away from the old girls, one which they can spend in teh pub at home, and one which they get their share of sunshine. Bingo. Yea, probably bongo too!

When it comes to the time I’ll probably regret not having tagged along, I was just being a bit of an arse and getting a bit high and mighty really. Thank fully they are used to me being a silly bugger. I’m sure I could go later if I wanted to.


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