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Tribute to The Doors

Hey I just found out that Ray Manzarek of the legendary LA band The Doors died last week. I’ve immediately gone and put the LA Woman album on, and I’ve used the LP, not anything I may have on my PC. Even though I haven’t played the actual album in years I know where all the scratches are and it’s kinda comforting to hear them. How strange it is to admit that after I remember being so excited about digital technology and Cds when they came out. I was about 40 I guess and I had plenty of cash then, I bought several CD players in a row as a new one would come out full of promise of delivering better than its predecessor. And now, twenty five years later I’m lusting after vinyl again – how funny is that? Putting LA Woman on is such a blast from the past. i want to crack open a bottle of Jim Beam, skin up a spliff and get in the mood. Christ – imagine the kids hearing the old man saying that! And as I typed that Jim sang “See me change, I’m a changeling” I love a blast of synchronicity with my reminiscences. So Ray’s gone. Well that’s a shame, not that I bought any of his solo stuff, but it just makes you feel a bit closer to the grave yourself as those you once adored pop away. Cheers Ray, and thanks for all the tunes.

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