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What is important?

I’ve been dwelling on this potentially deep title for some time. I can feel a series of BeeBeard ponderances coming on.

I think it has a lot to do with being in my sixties that I even think such things.

I remember my father saying to me, and horrifying me, on my 35th birthday that I’d reaching my middle years. I was still so vibrant, bursting with life and only just beginning to learn what it is all about, and yet the old man was telling me that it was half done already. I guess he was working to the old three score years and ten life expectancy – that has changed a bit these days, though he conformed almost bang on (I avoided saying dead on, I still miss him).

I never had philosophical discussions with Dad, it’s a shame as I’d love to look back on his gruff responses to my youthful questions about life. But I’m confident he’d tell me to work hard. Never owe money. Repay debts of favour as fast as I could. Finally I know he’d tell me to find a good woman.

And although there’s no soft edges to these points, it’s not a bad basis for life. And now I want to spend some time considering what my thoughts to pass down would be.

That point of “Find a good woman” would be phrased a bit differently these days I guess. It’s probably my first point rather than anything as worthy as working hard. So let’s start there:

Find love. I’m lucky. I have. It has grown on me in the most wonderful way. And the older you get the softer its edges. You forgive faster, appreciate more deeply. So whatever you need, be it a man, or a woman, I hope you find the right one. But don’t expect it to happen by magic. You both have to work hard, it’s the most important team you’ll ever join.

I know I haven’t written a word in ages, but I hope to be back with more on this topic soon.

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