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Why I love being 67

Just the other day, my son asked me a profound question, at least I’m sure he thought it was profound. He wanted to know what it was like to be 67 years old. He didn’t seem completely convinced by my immediate reaction that I loved it, so I explained a few things to him.

In the first place, I don’t have to sit in the traffic for hours on the way to and from work every day and I never have to look that creature they call ‘the boss’ in the face again on a Monday morning. I can go to bed whenever I want, I can get up when I want and I can do what I want, whenever I want to do it.

That means I have more time for myself. I spend most of this in the garden nowadays and on doing maintenance in and around the house. I also have more time to spend with my friends than ever before and yes, at 67, I still have friends and it is still possible to have heated debates about whatever the issue of the day is.

Of course I am not as fit as I used to be. I might walk a little bit slower than when I was 25 and it might take me a bit longer to get on the bus, but I am by no means a vegetable and I certainly do not appreciate being treated that way.

I know I was guilty of that too when I was 25, but many young people seem to think that everyone older than 40 is on the way to the nearest graveyard. Obviously none of them has ever heard of Betty White. That lady is 91 years old and she’s still a full-time actress with a hectic schedule. Perhaps you will remember her from the long-running television series, ‘The Golden Girls’.

Another thing that many younger people don’t seem to understand is that I still have plans for the future. I am going on a Caribbean holiday a few months from now and I plan to take a world cruise next year. One day, I even hope to be able to walk that most famous of all pilgrimages, the Camino de Santiago.

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