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Wise guy?

So I’ve set myself up as a bit of a wise guy – that’s always going to be dangerous, you’re always going to have a fall. But it’s all just jest anyway.

I was destined for such a fall when one of the lads down the road came to ask for some help with his homework. He calls me uncle, but in actual fact it’s just because I’m good mates with his dad. I don’t have any real relationship to him. Anyway his subject was social anthropology, and while I have no knowledge of the topic as a study, I though that I’d be able to help just on the strength of my interest in people and people systems, what makes us tick and the like.

But I was stumped straight away by the terminology the questions were using – I had views, but I just had no idea of how to express them. I did some on line searching and didn’t find anything that’d help until I came across something called Marked By Teachers where you can buy essay examples. What a genius idea – I wish there was something like that around when we were at school.

Although having said that I guess there was, it was just that it wasn’t online and the bigger truth was that I just didn’t pay attention to very much anyway. How cruel is it that learning just didn’t seem interesting when it was free, and close to essential, whereas now that I do it just to stay interested in the world it is somehow fascinating.

Anyway I saved face with the lad, which was most important.

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